Healthy lifestyle is something that needs to be done for each person. Because health is the capital of the happiness of each person. Have we had health care Have we had health care with Healthy lifestyle ?

Everyone wants healthy. I, you, we all hope to live a healthy life. Many people spend money to get out of the zone of pain. Many people spend so much money to make himself healthy. If a question put to him in, then he would say that health is number one. So a healthy lifestyle is a necessary condition for it. Would not it be better to prevent than to cure disease.
In broad outline to be healthy in two, namely; healthy physically and spiritually healthy. Each type has a contribution to benefit our lives, Go Healthy lifestyle

Healthy physical
Good health namely physical health or our bodies. Starting from head to toe. Some ways that can be done to maintain my physical health can write below.

Regular exercise
Many doctors and health experts say the importance of exercise for health. We are certainly tired of hearing about the campaign of their healthy lives, although we believe that the saying is true. Just because the lazy exercise advice into the wind and that was never done. Now, do the exercise in order to maintain the health of our bodies, That is healthy life style.

Swimming is a sport that would have been appropriate for you who like to linger in the water. Jogging can be done if you like around the housing complex, said a neighbor, or see the beautiful trees in the afternoon with a favorite dog. Or if you prefer to form a community, you can workout at the fitness center, a health club member in your favorite place, That is healthy life style

Many people want a healthy body but does not maintain the correct pattern. Fast food consumption is a real example of urban lifestyle today. We did not get away from such trends. But remember that eating lots of fast food restaurants available in today’s health is not good for the body. It may be difficult for us consuming organic food, but if you want to consider a healthy diet is a diet low in calories and low in fat may reduce the effects a little bad for the health of the body.

Spiritual Health
Perhaps you have a successful life as a career, so you can physically be maintained from the disease so that they can perform activities smoothly, it’s guaranteed Are you happy? The answer: No!
Life balance becomes an important part of achieving happiness. So a healthy lifestyle should also spiritually become our habit.

Go To Places of Worship
Going to church or mosque is the spiritual tours cheap, but has a spiritual effect invaluable with money. Automatically soul will carry on the peaceful nature of the blessed gods, That is healthy life style

Reading spiritual books
How many books do you buy every week or month?. How many books do you read every week? Of course you can answer yourself. What I want to discuss is whether you read the book includes a spiritual book. If not, I suggest you to read the book took the religious motivation of the book to build a successful career that you must read.

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